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Introducing bakery industry specific lubricants from
ROCOL, designed to keep your equipment cared for and your production lines operational


The Challenge

Bread and bakery food manufacturers face multiple lubrication challenges every day

• Risk of contamination
• Extreme temperatures
• Corrosion and wear from water

The Solution

ROCOL FOODLUBE lubricants provide the ultimate solution

• State-of-the-art production facility
• Bakery specific lubrication
• Audit compliant product range
• DETEX metal and x-ray detectable detachable plastic components


ISO 21469

ROCOL® takes immense pride in ensuring that all our products in the FOODLUBE® range are manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility in Leeds, UK. The globally recognised ISO 21469:2006 certification ticks an important box for auditors as it provides credible, independent assurance that all ROCOL products are manufactured and supplied hygienically and safely.



DETEX® metal and x-ray detectable detachable plastic components on aerosols and standard grease cartridges are designed to assist food processing plants in meeting strict HACCP requirements regarding the use of lubricants. All blue, removable plastic components are metal detectable and capable of detection by most metal detection equipment and x-ray machines.


Lube Shuttle

The only ‘best practice’, audit compliant, method of applying grease for the food industry. The most common method of applying grease to a bearing is through the use of a grease gun. This can cause serious non-conformances for audit purposes. The biggest non-conformance being that it is not possible to see what type of grease is loaded into the grease gun.


Case Study

The Challenge
A number of DETEX® metal and X-ray detectable caps and actuators were hidden in a known number of loaves of bread, sent through the production process then identified using the in-line metal detection equipment.

The ROCOL Solution
The hidden parts were all ‘found’, showing that any accidentally lost caps or actuators during production could easily be identified. The work between ROCOL® and Hovis showed that hidden plastic components were detected on the installed metal detection equipment with100% accuracy. The customer was assured in a real situation, ROCOL® FOODLUBE® products fitted with DETEX® actuators or caps would detect any DETEX® components accidentally falling into the food, reducing the risk of plastic contamination-related recalls.



Discover the range of ROCOL® products designed to keep your bakery running smoothly

A world leader in high-performance lubrication and machine maintenance solutions, ROCOL® assists customers in the bakery industry with products specific to their sector needs assuring their equipment is cared for and production lines stay operational. Our technically advanced systems are relied on by leading food manufacturers globally to keep their industry moving quickly to meet customer demands.



The premium service package for food manufacturers offering the following features and benefits:

Full Audit Compliance
  Increased Efficiency
    Risk Reduction

Enjoy peace of mind – ROCOLCARE® ensures you and the lubrication experts are working together in partnership.


  Increased efficiency
Increases lubricant efficiency, improvements in plant productivity and reduction in costs.
  Risk reduction
Establishes all your lubricant requirements and ensures contamination free lubrication.
Rationalises your lubricant usage
and reduces your stock holding on site.

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