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Introducing EASYLINE® EDGE, the pinnacle of aerosol line marking paint

Now stands as the
world's leading choice for:

Elevate your line marking game
with the EASYLINE range

A Spectrum of Colourful Possibilities

EASYLINE® EDGE brings you a rich palette of 9 vibrant colours, allowing you to choose the hue that perfectly aligns with your needs.

From high-visibility yellow to opaque white, our extensive colour range ensures you'll find the ideal shade to make your mark.


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Experience unmatched efficiency without compromising on quality.

ROCOL_EASYLINE_Web_Set2_Rapid Drying

Rapid Drying,
Rapid Action

Time is of the essence, and with EASYLINE® EDGE, you gain it back.

Featuring a high-output spray mechanism, our paint is touch dry in as little as 8 minutes and is traffic-ready within 30 minutes. 

EASYLINE® EDGE becomes an industry leader.

ROCOL_EASYLINE_Web_Set2_-Unmatched Durability

Unmatched Durability and Performance

Witness the transformation as EASYLINE® EDGE sets new benchmarks for durability and performance.

Our unique traffic-grade epoxy formulation produces lines that boldly resist the challenges of general chemicals and cleaning agents, maintaining their integrity even in demanding environments.

Experience a breakthrough in efficiency with EASYLINE® EDGE.

ROCOL_EASYLINE_Web_Set2_Minimised Waste

Maximised Efficiency, Minimised Waste

Our innovative formulation contains up to 100% more paint solids than other 750ml aerosol paints on the market, ensuring longevity that surpasses all other line marking sprays.

Say goodbye to unnecessary waste and frequent replenishment.


Experience lines that boast a professional finish and precise edges.

ROCOL_EASYLINE_Web_Set2_Sharper Edges, Superior Definition

Sharper Edges,
Superior Definition

EASYLINE® EDGE's ingenuity extends to its patented airflow system and advanced masking plate design, resulting in an unrivalled line edge definition when compared to competitors.

Achieve exceptional
results with ease.

ROCOL_EASYLINE_Web_Set2_Innovative Line Marking Machine

Precision Engineered
For Excellence

EASYLINE® EDGE's supremacy not only lies in its superior paint formulation, but the precision engineering of its line marking machine.

The result?
Lines that are not just sharp, bright, and enduring, but lines that are under your control. Whether indoors or outdoors, on car parks, playgrounds, or factory floors, achieve exceptional results with ease.



Complete even the most demanding projects with EASYLINE® EDGE.

ROCOL_EASYLINE_Web_Set2_Customisable Line Widths

Line Widths

Adaptability is key, and our line marking machine offers just that.

Adjust the line width from 50 - 100mm, while the height-adjustable handle ensures comfort and control during operation.

ROCOL_EASYLINE_Web_Set2_Precision Engineered

Innovative Line Marking Machine

EASYLINE® EDGE introduces a line marking machine that redefines precision.

Achieve straight and curved lines of outstanding definition without the need for tools. The adjustable rear stabilisers provide flexibility near curbs, walls, and racks, ensuring a flawless finish.

Discover how our customers have made meaningful improvements in their business 

in Sports Courts


Line mark hard surface sports courts and indoor sports halls!

in Car Parks


Perfect for car parks with faded parking bay lines!

in Playgrounds


Make your playground look less tired and more fit for purpose!

Take a look at EASYLINE® EDGE in action and learn how to take full advantage of its capabilities 


This was a basketball court before using the EASYLINE® EDGE Applicator and Paint...

...and this is what it looked like after!
EASYLINE® EDGE Applicator and Paint

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  Precision Markings
Offers precise and sharp line markings, ensuring clear marks of areas, lanes, and safety zones in workplaces.
  Long-lasting Durability
Known for its exceptional durability, resisting wear and tear even in high-traffic areas, which helps maintain safety and organisation over time.
  Easy Application
Designed for ease of application, making it a convenient choice for businesses. It can be applied quickly and efficiently, reducing downtime during line marking projects.

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